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Sunday, 8 May 2011

I scream, We all scream.... For Ice-Cream

I scream, we all scream... For Ice-cream...

Who out there does not love ice-cream? And with so many varieties to choose from, we sure have come a long way from those 3 simple flavours - vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

With the technology these days, there are a few ice-cream machines around where you can have home made ice-cream in as little as 20 minutes. And not only can you make ice-cream but you can make sorbet, gelati or even daiquiris or pina coladas...

I have to admit though that I am now a proud owner of an ice-cream machine. It is definitely easier to use the machine than to place it in the freezer and check it every few hours to keep mixing it to prevent it from getting that melted and then put back in the freezer taste. Don't you just hate when you buy ice-cream from the supermarket and its on special... Score! But there was a reason why it was on special as it melted, maybe due to transit, and then placed in their freezer.

But for those that do not have an ice-cream machine, here is a simple delicious recipe that does not require you to keep mixing it every few hours. You can just pour it straight into the tin and pop it into the freezer.

Double Dollop of cream - about 320mls
1 x can of Caramel filling (which you can get in a can)

Mix these two ingredients in a mix master (or you can use a handheld) until smooth and blended well together and then place in a baking tin and cover with aluminum foil and place in the freezer for approx 6 hours...

End Result - yummy caramel ice-cream...

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  1. Hi! Did you use double or single cream please?