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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Add a little spice to your Chicken Schnitzel

The first time I tried a japanese curry, I thought "wow, this is different". I never ever thought to put a crumbed piece of chicken (otherwise known as a schnitzel) into a curry. Majority of the curries you come across, the meat has been cooked in the sauce.

The Japanese curry sauce is quite thick in comparison with other curries from Indonesia, Thailand, Burma or any other asian country. Which asian country out there does not have a curry that comes from their region? You'll be surprised at the many different variations of curry.

So I decided to do something a little different with my thai red chicken curry last night and crumb the chicken. If the Japanese curry tastes so good with it, I'm sure the Soph-Thai version will be just as good!

I added a few extra ingredients to the crumb mixture to give it a little extra oomph coz you know Thai curries are supposed to be hot! A little bit of garlic, ginger, chilli and lime just brings your crumbed chicken to life. 

Who says chicken schnitzel has to be boring. You can take this simple piece of meat and turn it from dull to wow with just a few simple ingredients. My partner hates boring foods like steak and schnitzel, which is a good thing, as it allows me to experiment and present these foods in a more appetizing way. 

So you have the basic breadcrumb mixture but how about adding a little something something to the mix.

Try a little honey and wholegrain mustard, this is a classic flavor combination and I simply love wholegrain mustard. Works so good on lamb too and even with mash potato.

How about the classic herbs like parsley and thyme and adding some lemon and garlic to your crumbed chicken.

Mango and Chilli are another fantastic flavor combination.

The possibilities are endless and with a few extra ingredients, you can turn an ordinary schnitzel and 3 veg into a fancy meal that is drool worthy.

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